Do you have a guitar at home that you haven’t picked up in a while—or have you always wanted to learn to play? Did you ever dream of becoming a rock star? When you learn how to play your family’s favorite Music Together® songs, you’ll be a star in the eyes of your child—and provide a wonderful music-making model for him or her, too!

Try a free class! In the Music Together Guitar Class for Grownups, you’ll learn how to play songs in the current Music Together song collection. Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before, you’ll leave the first class able to play one song and ready to lead your family in musical jam sessions. A new way to bond musically with your son or daughter is the perfect reason to pick up that dusty instrument or to begin to learn a new one.

About the Guitar Class:

Each class is 60-minutes long.
Classes are open to parents and caregivers currently enrolled in Music Together classes.
The Guitar Class is appropriate for beginners and those who already know a little guitar.
Small classes allow for relaxed, individualized learning.
During class, students learn basic strums and chords for more than a dozen songs from the current Music Together song collection.
Participants receive a Guitar Workbook each semester to complement the song collection’s family songbook and recording.
Students should bring a guitar and capo to the first class (and an electronic guitar tuner if they have one).

During class, you’ll meet and connect with other parents, grandparents, and preschool teachers as you learn Music Together songs together in a warm, supportive environment. If you take the class for several semesters, you can develop fluency, learn full chords, and use advanced strums. Most importantly, you’ll have fun while developing a new skill!

Tuition for all Music Together classes includes family materials to use at home (e.g., recordings of our award-winning music, illustrated songbook, parent education resources).