I have been attending the Music Together program at Music Play Studios, with my son since he was 2 years old.  Initially, I looked to the program for an opportunity for my son to enrich his development as we knew from birth that he would be delayed developmentally.  What I didn’t realize was that my son would come to develop a profound love of music through his lessons in Music Together.  So much so that music has become a part of how he learns. Music helps him to focus. Music makes him laugh and smile, and music soothes him.

I believe whether you are a parent of a normally developing child or of a child with disabilities, all you wish for them in life is to find happiness, love and success.  Watching my son interact in a welcoming, rich environment filled with friends, music, laughter, singing and dancing gives me that.

There is something so beautiful in being part of a program where, regardless of differences, we all come together to learn, listen, laugh and make music.  I hope everyone has a chance to experience it.

Noriko K. -- son TK

Dear Lisa

This note is long over due. I should have written it three years ago when my elder daughter Sia was first enrolled in the Fall of 2011, or I should have written it in the Fall of 2013 when my younger daughter Saachi began her journey into the world of music with you….better late than never.

MUSIC TOGETHER has brought the essence of rhythm, beat, and happiness into our lives. My daughters have been indoctrinated into the world of music via your prestigious organization, your wonderful and patient teachers and your passion to teach and spread joy through music. For this we thank you.

We feel the difference everyday. Nothing is more pleasurable to the ears than to hear our little ones humming “I had a little frog, his name was tiny Tim” in a corner of their room when nobody is watching! It is a visual delight to see them pull out their home “Music Box” (which is now overflowing with instruments collected over the years)- and have their very own Jam Session together. And it gives us immense pride when they sing to us songs that they compose on their own- on the spot- using lyrics from other nursery rhymes and songs they hear and giving it their own rhythm.

THANK YOU for this gift for which we will be eternally grateful to MUSIC TOGETHER. We recommend this program strongly to all parents.

Rachna R. - daughters Sia and Saachi

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter Grace loved her almost 2 years of Music Together classes. She was always thrilled to arrive on class day, loved to hear the CD’s at home while we ate breakfast, or in the car on the way to Grandmas, and she still sings the songs just on her own. My husband plays guitar and was recently amazed to notice that Grace will change her pitch to match the chord he’s playing as they make up silly songs. I think she’s developed a pretty good ear. She’s almost 3 now and has moved on to summer camp and, in a few weeks, Pre-k, but Music Together classes were her first classroom experience, which built a really great foundation for so many things to come. Thank you for providing them in Jersey City so close to our house!

Deirdre B. - daughter Grace

Music Together® gave my child the gift of music. I will always be grateful for that. You are truly “heaven sent.” Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Rena A. - Son Adam

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much my girls (15 months) like these classes. Of all the classes we signed up for over this winter, these are the best and the ones we’re going to be signing up for again through the spring. The program and teachers are high quality and the location at BASE is perfect for us (double stroller).

Laura H. - Daughters Laila and Skye

Just wanted to pass this on and say thank you to you and your AMAZING team! I started Max in Music Together very early in his life, earlier than Addison. He has a great time in the class and I love sharing this time with him.

Max is a really good baby who rarely cries, but if he does, all I need to do is start singing to him and he immediately stops. I believe this has to do with him starting music class so early.

Addison also loves singing the songs she has learned from class!! Max was sick yesterday and at the doctors when he started to cry, Addie and I were singing together and he stopped crying to listen.

So once again, Thank you!

Lauren E. - Children Addison & Max

My daughter, Meryl, attended Music Together in Hoboken from the time she was 4 months old until she was 4 years old. She is now 7 years old and has started playing the piano, has excellent pitch and just loves all forms of music. I truly attribute her penchant for music to Lisa Orinn’s classes. They gave her the basis and love of music that will stay with her always. I highly recommend Music Together classes to all parents of newborns.

Susan P. - Daughter Meryl

Music Together is a magnificent program for small children. My son began attending Music Together when he was an infant. Once he could talk he only asked for his “hello body” tapes in the car. The entire family would sing along. The Hoboken classes have wonderful, friendly teachers who live in town. This made it even more special for my son to see his teachers outside of class. Aaron loves all types of music and wants to play the guitar like his teachers. Music Together is an excellent place to begin music appreciation for your children.

Richard K. - Son Aaron

I am writing to tell you about the wonderful experience my daughter and I had with Stearns Matthews. We were in Stearns’s infant class at 12:30 on Mondays at Garden Street Music.

It was an absolute pleasure having Stearns as a teacher. He was consistently enthusiastic and attentive to each child. Even though my daughter is only 8 months old, I could tell she loved attending class and listening to Stearns. He very helpfully explained musical education concepts to the adults and answered our questions.

Perhaps most exceptional from my point of view was Stearns’s professionalism. He took class seriously–and I mean that in a good way! You could tell he really cares about music education, even for his smallest students. In my prior life as a corporate lawyer, I had many younger adults working for me, and I know it’s very rare to meet someone so young who is such a consummate professional.

We are signed up for the next semester with Stearns, and we’re both looking forward to it!

Brianne L - Child Juliet

We LOVE Music Together and Mr. Dave! Thank you for providing such great music experiences for children in Hoboken.

Aya Y. - Daughters Kiera & Chloe