My son Will has been attending Music Together since he was 4 months old. Initially, I thought maybe I had started him in the class to soon, but my worries soon were laid to rest. Will responded immediately to the music played in class and the cd’s provided for our home environment. When we are in the car and Will gets fussy we put on one of the Music Together cd’s and he immediately calms down. Following our completion of 3 classes (10 weeks each) – Will can clap, dance and swirl his maracas to a beat at 15 months of age. I especially like that each class you register for is a different experience – focusing on a different musical aspect – be it drums (bongos), maracas, etc. In addition, your child is exposed to numerous cultures and sounds – Spanish, Jewish, Irish, Country, Soul, Jazz and Rock music to name a few. Music Together is a wonderful experience for both caretaker and child. I have highly recommended it to friends and family with babies and children. I look forward to beginning our 4th session of Music Together.

  • June 22, 2015

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