2017 Spring Music Together & Rhythm Kids Classes

Our Spring semester is scheduled to begin on April 10th.  This Spring our Music Together classes (for newborn – 4 year olds) will be working on the fabulous “MARACAS” song collection — singing, dancing, chanting, wiggling and giggling to some of your favorite Classic Childrens Tunes like “WILLIAM TELL’S RIDE”, “JUMPIN’ JOSIE”, “PLAY THE DRUM”, “TRAIN TO THE CITY” and many more!  We’ll also be learning beautiful International Songs, Fun Chants, Animal Songs, Musical Playalongs and Great Dance Tunes.  Parents, Nannys, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents are all welcome to come with your child and join in on the fun!

Our RHYTHM KIDS classes will be working on the brand new TIGER song collection, learning new songs and drumming patterns.  The country we’re focusing on this semester is INDIA.  This is the 3rd song collection that we are piloting, building on the previous work we’ve been doing on our Hippo and Toucan song collections.  If you’re looking for a great after school or weekend class for your 4-8 year old, this is the class for you!


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  1. Kamilla Collins

    Good Afternoon,
    Will you be holding any classes in Weehawken this fall at JZT studios? if so, what is the schedule? I’m interested in taking a trial class. I can’t get the schedule bar to work on your site and I tried a couple of different browsers.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Kamilla –

      We are now taking names and contact info to start up one of the JZT studio classes. Can you please call me at 201-869-4704, so I can get your contact info and also let you know which other classes we are offering that you can join. I would call you, but I don’t have your number.

      Many thanks,


      Lisa Orinn, Founder/Director
      Music Play Studios


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